Monday, January 31, 2011

Oscar Crawford

Little Oscar is the newest edition to our small family! We got him this morning from a lady in Idaho. He has been such a good dog!! He hasn't barked or whined all day. We even gave him a bath and he stood still the entire time and let me blow dry him. We are working on the house training but I'm sure that will come eventually! I know it's only the first day, but he has been so much fun and we love him!!!!


Monday, January 24, 2011

Date Night

Cam and I have gone a couple fun dates the past few weeks. We made some fun little bowls at Color Me Mine and went to the skating rink with our friends Jen & Chan. I am glad that I have Cam to do fun things with!

Color Me Mine... Cam had an accident with his bowl
Pretty Stylish
Our Sweet Skates
The Four of Us

Catching Up

I haven't done a post for awhile, so I decided I should do one while I had a little time! I have a few pictures from Christmas, New Years and some other random things! But Christmas was really good. My sister Matea and her family came up to see the lights at temple square and we went with. I think we went on the foggiest night ever, but the pictures turned out really pretty! We were able to spend Christmas Day in Monroe with my family and it was such a good break! I don't think Cam and I will ever have a better Christmas present-wise. Our families really spoiled us!

New Year's Eve we had a party at our house and invited some of our friends. We played games, ate, and even tried a fog machine! However, that didn't last long because of the fire alarm. The party was a lot of fun! Cam and I are lucky to have such good friends and family!

Cam & Brig are Buddies

So Pretty!!
Nativity @ Temple Square
..Christmas Decorations..
..Our Stockings..
New Year's Eve
The Girls...
The Guys...

Cam and I...