Monday, March 14, 2011

The Cone of Shame

Well Oscar finally had the big surgery. He isn't really a boy or a girl anymore, the poor little dog! He was so sad the whole day and didn't really want anything to do with us. But I think it was probably for the best!!
The cone of shame.

Being neutered tired him out.

This made me feel so bad! He wouldn't even look at us.

Oscar's favorite way to sleep.

Cam and His dog.

Oscar has discovered the deck. It's his new favorite place.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wrestling Tournament

My nephew Brigham had a wrestling tournament a couple weekends ago. Cam and I decided that we would go down and surprise him at his meet. It was so much fun! He wrestled three times and won twice. Somehow he still managed a three-way tie for first. Haha I think there was a little mix up with the scores. But he did really well and didn't even cry like all of the other little boys there! It was well worth the spur of the moment ride to Monroe.

Haha this was so fun to watch!


Brigham. With his 1st place medal and orange mustache.

Mary's Wedding

A couple weeks ago we went to Rexburg, Idaho for a wedding. One of Cam's investigators from his mission was married in the Rexburg temple. Cam taught Mary and the Wharton family for a few months before the three of them decided to get baptized. Cam and the Whartons have stayed really close ever since. It was fun to be able to go up and watch the sealing. It was kind of cool to think that Cam was able to bring some great people to the Gospel.

Elder Seamons and His Wife

The Wharton Family

Some of the Missionaries that Helped Convert Mary

Bulls vs. Jazz!

Well I am finally posting this after about a month! I got Cam Jazz tickets for his birthday and we got a pretty sweet deal. I bought both tickets for only $20. When we got there our seats ended up being the very last row at the top section. We decided that we weren't going to sit 3 miles away for the whole game, so we watched the seats in the lower bowl and noticed a whole section that wasn't getting filled. So we went down and enjoyed the game from a few seats up!! But we thought it was pretty cool that we went to the last game that Sloan coached. It was a really good time!!

Chicago Bulls vs. Utah Jazz. Cam's Present

Last Jazz Game Sloan Coached.

Boozer Sucks. He was denied at least 4 times that night.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Oscar Crawford

Little Oscar is the newest edition to our small family! We got him this morning from a lady in Idaho. He has been such a good dog!! He hasn't barked or whined all day. We even gave him a bath and he stood still the entire time and let me blow dry him. We are working on the house training but I'm sure that will come eventually! I know it's only the first day, but he has been so much fun and we love him!!!!


Monday, January 24, 2011

Date Night

Cam and I have gone a couple fun dates the past few weeks. We made some fun little bowls at Color Me Mine and went to the skating rink with our friends Jen & Chan. I am glad that I have Cam to do fun things with!

Color Me Mine... Cam had an accident with his bowl
Pretty Stylish
Our Sweet Skates
The Four of Us